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Illumimapi - first ever space social network to watch, post and share photos and videos on the maps of Earth, Moon and Mars. Illumimapi mission is to present history, knowledge and give an opportunity to look into the future. Illumimapi allows you to find photos and videos almost of every single location and post your photo or video by year it refers to on the map with a single tap and create our own posts. You can find hundreds of thousands photos and videos in Illumimapi. More people share their photos and videos in different locations more interesting it becomes to surf Illumimapi. Post and comment photos and videos, share it and find interesting people and places.
Space social network Illumimapi announced a partnership with Avilon The official BMW Dealer. Avilon is the first company in the world to open offices on the Moon and Mars thanks using new Illumimapi platform.
Illumimapi allows you to publish on Earth, the Moon and Mars, and as the founder of the company Mikhail Somov and the developers of Illumimapi say, the partnership with Avilon Official BMW dealer is just the beginning of the exploration of outer space and space objects for big business.
On the moon, Avilon The official BMW dealer is located in the Helmert impact crater, named after the German surveyor Friedrich Robert Helmert. In order to see space offers from Avilon Official BMW dealer, you don't have to buy a powerful telescope or fly to the moon on Roskosmos, SpaceX or NASA rockets. All you have to do is open Illumimapi and find the BMW logo on the Moon or Mars.
On Mars Avilon The official BMW dealer is located in the Neukum crater, named after the German physicist and planetary scientist Gerhard Neukum, one of the founders of the ESA Mars Express mission. Thanks to Mars Express, humanity has the opportunity to create detailed maps of the nearest planet.
The BMW concern is developing the most advanced cars and cooperation with Illumimapi is the next step towards mastering the most difficult roads, which stretch not only through the German Alps, Iceland's glaciers or the permafrost of the Russian north, but also relies on projects to create unmanned and manned rovers that in the foreseeable future they will ride on the lunar soil and the Martian dunes.
The Illumimapi project is groving rapidly, part of the profits is shared with international charitable foundations that are engaged in the conservation of wildlife and the rescue of stray animals. This is a platform of the future, through which each user and company has the opportunity to open a representative office on nearby planets, as well as study the history of the Earth, space and contribute to the preservation of planet Earth for future generations.
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